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About Indian American Bistro

A Legacy That Redefines Taste

As we transition from ‘Zayka Southern Pines’ to ‘Indian American Bistro’, our roots still stay the same. Our brand still stands for ‘taste’ and that is something we will never compromise on. Our team of bright and brimming chefs has a knack for combining cultures and infusing traditions to make new recipes. Enjoy the best Indian American fusion food in Southern Pines and surrounding areas including Pinehurst, Fayetteville, Moore County, etc. at Indian American Bistro.

What Defines Indian American Bistro

Our Sincere Love For Both The Cultures
One is our motherland and the other embraced & accepted us like a mother. We love Indian and American cultures alike. And when you love two completely different cultures, you want to create a space where you can let both of these to blend and create something exhilarating and impressive! We combine the elements of Indian and American cooking and bring to you modern recipes and dishes which vow to steal your heart!

Our Food Menu

Our Food Menu includes signature dishes from India and America. It also includes fusion cuisine which is our brainchild. From vegan Indian food to delicious American meats, we have a menu for every taste. Don’t wait and order now!

Our Bar Menu

We have an exquisite range of beverages to help you cool down after a long day. Our closets contain spirits for each preference. Wine, beer, whiskey, rum, we have a collection to die for. Dine-in with your friends and experience fusion at its best!

Renowned Chefs

Meet The Taste Experts

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Be a Part of Our Restaurant

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Arthur Lee

Founder / Head Chef

James Lee

Co-Founder / Chef

At Indian American Bistro, we offer an exquisite combination of Indian and American flavors with our unique fusion of traditional Indian spices.​ We invite you to come discover the true essence of Indian spices at Indian American Bistro.

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Find us : 805 SW Service Rd Southern Pines,
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